Posted by: elspethlomax | January 10, 2009

Our Night In Northcote

It’s been a crazy few days! If you have read my earlier post Frightened Rabbit, you will know that Agnes and I went to see one of our all time favourite bands last night. Scottish outfit Frightened Rabbit were everything we imagined, and more!
We decided to hit the merchandise first and just as we were trying on our awesome shirts, we overheard a gorgeous accent and it was most definately Scottish! We looked up to see Scott Hutchison, lead singer and song writer extraordinaire. He introduced himself (and I shook is hand, that’s right, SHOOK HIS HAND!!) and then signed our shirts. We would have been happy to leave then and there, our giggled and gushy convo with Scott had made us so happy and we were so excited! We chose our spot and waited for Frightened Rabbit. 
The Northcote Social Club had never heard anything like it, and as it turns out, neither had Frightened Rabbit. Hutchison talked in between songs and seemed genuinely suprised that people had stayed around to hear them perform.
They sang songs from The Midnight Organ Fight and I was over the moon as I listened to them play The Twist, although the crowd favourites were The Modern Leper and Keep Yourself Warm.
We were happy to hear that other people were singing along to their music (apart from the loud and obnoxious people who stood behind and yelled repeatedly at each other!) and it was clear that everyone had come to see them and were enjoying every moment.
I wont write anymore as I know Anges is forming a post in her mind even as I write this, and she’s soooooo much better at describing the music and setting the scene! Make sure you could keep an eye on her page in the next few days.
Oh and as  Frightened Rabbit say on their Myspace, “Lets keep pop music alive by getting it out of that dress and into a sweater.” On ya guys.

Who’d You Kill Now – Frightened Rabbit

Head Rolls Off – Frightened Rabbit

And I’m reposting my favourite track:

The Twist – Frightened Rabbit

In case you are silly and don’t have the link to Agnes at  It All Started, here it is.



  1. sounds like a great night out – you certainly captured the excitement, and I hadn’t heard those tracks yet – nice.

    btw, the link to it all started goes to the FR pic at the top.

    • Thanks heaps for commenting Andy! And for letting me know the link is dodgy, will fix that up now 🙂 Hope to see you back here sometime.

  2. My suggestion: “Let’s get a beer.”

    Your suggestion: “Let’s check out the merch.”

    You must’ve known something!

    Was an awesome show, though I was ready to kneecap those tossers behind us. No Laurence, Scott doesn’t want to marry you so shut the f up!

  3. Laurence was very demanding. Maybe if he’d used his manners Scott might have said yes. Thank goodness you didn’t kneecap him, you need all the kneecaps you have!
    And yes, I am awesome it was because of my awesomeness we meet the great Scott! (get it, great scott!) heh heh heh.

  4. You are sUlly.

    • Laurence and his mates were much sUllier than I.

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